Pacific Floor offers the exciting opportunity to take a full size portable basketball floor and put it anywhere! We are offering this floor on contract to you for any reason you want. If you want to use it to film a movie, a commercial or your next all-star tournament, we’ve got 15 carts with every floor panel ready to go.

Play your game in anywhere in a tent, at your convention, in your back yard… very big back yard! It’s so portable that you can put it on the top of a building, a parking garage, the downtown street fair, the celebration of basketball can be provided to anyone almost anywhere! Oh wait, have you ever played basketball at the beach… just imagine the fun of having your game where everyone will remember how unique your game was played.

Our portable basketball floor is also used for photoshoot, video shoot and big events like launching of new Air Jordan shoes, Under Armour newest endorser- Stephen Curry, basketball event in Las Vegas and the Mill Madness event in Arizona.

It’s portable! It’s in and out in a couple of hours. We can help you make a statement. You can’t get the Lakers floor! You can’t the UCLA floor or the USC floor away from the building. You can get our floor in your studio and set up with artwork, a temporary colored logo, nothing is too wild for this floor!

We will show up, set up, and let you play on the court. Then, we show up, break it down, and move it out. It is simple, convenient, unconventional, the best basketball floor system available anywhere anytime.

The Floor: 60′ x 112′ long in panels (4′ x 8′ panels; 3-3/4″ tall)
Spalding G5 NCAA Portable backstop are available upon request.